Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Where is my $112.28? Interest Who?

I pay most of my bills using online bill pay through my bank. I like it because it's really fast. Although I initiated my car note and credit card payment on Saturday, they didn't go out until Monday. I got an email from my credit card today that they had received the payment yesterday. That's amazing to me. One day between sending it and posting it. It takes forever in the mail.

I checked my car note online and that payment had posted as well. I was glad because it was due on Jan. 28th and I had until Feb. 8th before they charge me a late fee. It was late last month too and I did get charged a late fee. I know, I know. How amy I'm supposed to get my finances in order if I'm paying my car note late? Here's the long and the short of it. I used my car note money to buy some of my Christmas presents and that's why Dec. was late. Then it rolled into January because I made a couple of unnecessary purchases. I'm back on track now, trust me. :)

So now back to the point of this post. When I checked my balance on my car loan it was $14,198.67. That means that of the $325 I sent, a whooping $112.28 went to interest. Maybe you expected that. Even though this was my 11th payment on my car I never looked at the interest that I'm paying. That amount is just crazy! I know what ambellamy means now. She used to get mad everytime she saw that interest. Now I'm mad too. Hopefully I'll be as motivated as her and pay my car off as fast as she did.

My normal payment of $308.68 is due on Feb. 28th and I'm sending $325 plus whatever extra I have in my paycheck. I can't wait until I get paid on Friday. I want to see that number go below $14k.

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