Thursday, February 7, 2008

Part-time Job

MP Dunleavy actually posted a comment on my WIR thread today. I am so excited. She liked the give and take on my thread. She enjoyed seeing me consider the suggestions and change my budget accordingly. She actually stood up for my $200/month allowance. Thank you! She did suggest that I get a second job. Although I really value the other women's suggestion - hers hit home the most. I guess it's because I consider her a professional.

I spent most of the evening looking at various websites for part-time jobs. Someone on the WIR board suggested I work in an optometrist's office so that I could get free contact lenses and eye exams. I didn't find any local openings. I did find a couple of entry-level positions at an area hospital that I may qualify for. That would be great. Then I'd get to see if I really want to work in the medical field.

I don't really want to work in retail. I'm trying to find a job where casual dress is allowed so that I don't have to change after my job at the school. I'm also looking for a company with extended hours so that I can work from 4pm to around 8pm. I don't care about the wages. Minimum wage here is now $8/hour. I just want to make some extra money.

Wish me luck!

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