Sunday, February 24, 2008

Low-Cost Slumber Party

I'm giving my oldest daughter a slumber party for her 12th birthday in May. I'm not a particularly girly girl and I've never been very social, so I'm worried about how it's going to turn out. I asked for help on the WIR board and I got about 14 responses full of wonderful ideas. I think I'm prepared now.

Now I may have too much planned. Most of it is free, so that's a good thing. I ran all the ideas by my daughter and she loved pretty much all of them. She wants to do hair and make-up at the party while they watch Grease. They'll probably watch some Zac Efron movie too and end up dancing around the room.

Her dad is paying for the hotel room and with everyone's suggestions I may be able to pull this off for right around $100 of my own money including parking, entertainment, food and grab bags.

My only concern at this point is if I can survive the night. One of the WIR said her daughter stayed up until 4am at her slumber party. I'll have to make sure to include a disclaimer on the invitation that I get mean after 2am. LOL!

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