Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Paycheck Blues

I mentioned last week that my paycheck was short over $300. I' kept calling the lady in payroll and all her calls were going to voicemail. She didn't return either of my messages.

Today I drove to the district office to see her in person. I was thinking that my sick time didn't get recorded properly last month. Low and behold that wasn't it. Our office manager went out on medical leave the week before payroll was due. I didn't find out until yesterday. So they had another person doing the payroll. Apparently she didn't input the holidays for Winter break and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Since the mistake was on the school end the school has to submit an amended payroll sheet for me. I wasn't the only one whose paycheck was wrong so everyone's payroll has to be checked and if necessary re-sent to payroll. Who knows how long that's going to take?

The bright side is that at least it happened on the same day that I got my tax refund, so that it didn't cause any bounced checks or late fees. Another bright side is that when I get that $300 I can use it to pay down my car loan. I'm hoping to get it before next month and then I can get my car loan under $13K.

Wish me luck!

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