Friday, February 15, 2008

Birthday/Valentine's Day, Etc.

Yesterday was my 34th birthday and Valentine's Day. Things with my BF didn't go so great. As a matter of fact I've been avoiding his calls while I consider if I want to be with him anymore. Everything else was great. My daughters, sister and mom got me some really cool presents. My sister also got me some gorgeous flowers and my dad paid for my delicious cake. My mom and sister made my favorite turkey tacos for dinner and I had a great time.

I had given myself a nice sum of money from my tax return to celebrate my birthday. I normally get a hotel room, but I decided to spend less money this year and put whatever was left into my Roth. As luck would have it I started a class on Monday and found out that $200 in books that were marked as optional were actually required. Luckily I have that extra money. I'm still trying to find a better deal because I have a 2006 version of the books and I'm hoping they will be good enough until I can get the other books for cheaper. I found one for $30 cheaper already and ordered it.

I also found out yesterday that my payroll was amended on Wednesday and resubmitted. Now I'm waiting to hear from payroll to find out when my check will be ready. I sent them an email before I got off work yesterday, but I'm off today and Monday - so I won't have a reply until Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

hey! valentines day was my dh's 34th birthday, too! i am on wirr west (yikesimindebt) also. isn't paying down debts great!?!

Karazay said...

Your hubby must be a great guy. All the Aquarian men I know are just awesome. I don't know any Aquarian women, so I can't say much about us. The men are so creative and kind-hearted.

Yes, paying down debts feels absolutely fabulous!

Thanks for reading! You are my very first comment.

Anonymous said...

i'm an aquarian, too. we are so creative and kind too! :)