Saturday, February 23, 2008

I saved $177.87!!!!

I am so ecstatic! I mentioned on my birthday post that I had to buy some unexpected books for a class I'm taking. Well the best deal that was available for the 3 book package was $190 and that was a great deal over the individual prices of $279.85. I didn't want to afford that, so I went online in search of better prices.

I got one book for $69.00 (saving $30.95)
I got one book for $2.08 (saving $87.87)
I got one book for $30.90 (saving $59.05)

So I saved a total of $177.87 over the individual prices and $88.02 over the package deal. There's more all 3 books were brand new and if I get them all before Friday I will have them before I would have been able to receive them from the company offering the $190 deal.

I was really worried about the book I got for $2. I thought it was going to be an older version or in really poor condition or a piece of the book. I got it today and it's exactly what I ordered.


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