Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Have My Money! Now What?

Today I received the $300 that was missing from last week's check. I promptly deposited it in the bank. I was originally going to send the entire $300 to Capital One for my car note. I got scared and only sent them half.

I realized that if I sent that whole $300 that I wouldn't have a cushion anymore. You see I sent my friend her $138. I had been holding onto that $138 as a safety net and I was starting to think about using it for other things. So, I knew I needed to get rid of it. Last night I got her new address and today I mailed her a money order. That was easy to do because I was replacing it with $300.

I'm so frightened that if I send that remaining $155 dollars off something will come up. Then I'll have to dip into my new EF or figure out something else. Well it will be a huge morale buster for me if I have to touch my EF in the next couple of months.

Then my only option becomes to figure something out and what if I can't? I know I can count on the women and men of WIR to help me find a workable solution, but it's still frightening. I think I'll keep the money in my account for a week or so until I can get used to the idea that I really do have a safety net and that my budget is liveable.

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Anonymous said...

i actually got totally scared when i was about to pay off my car, and the payment was only 100 above my usual payment! it is funny how i never had any cushion and now that i have a tiny one i get all freaked at the idea of not having one! i guess it is like how i didn't have health insurance for 10 years and wasn't that upset about it and now that i have it i can't imagine going back!