Monday, February 25, 2008

Extra Money

You may remember that last week I got an extra paycheck because there was an error on my regular check. It was a little over $300. I sent half as an extra payment on my car note. I kept the other half in my account because I was afraid to send it. Anyway that $155 is now $115 and I haven't spent that $40 on anything worthwhile. So this morning I sent $55 as another payment on my car note. After I go to the market this afternoon to stock up on lunch goodies for this week, I'm going to send what's left to Capital One.

I think I've learned my lesson. Next time something like this happens I will only keep $20 or $30 dollars in my account and pay the rest on my car note. If the money is not there I won't miss it and I also won't be able to use it on frivilous things.

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