Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yesterday My Heart Was Broken

I had an appointment at the home ownership organization yesterday. I wasn't exactly sure why I needed to come back, but I was sure the loan consultant knew. Last time I went I had to wait nearly an hour for him. This time I called ahead to make sure that he would be ready on time. He told me that my appointment had been given to someone else. I was annoyed. I felt like someone should have mentioned that to me. I showed up 15 minutes early and I still had to wait over 45 minutes.

I'm not a very patient person. I believe that you should respect my time the same way I respect yours. I try to arrive early and I normally do. I believe that the person I'm meeting should do their best to see me on time. I don't mind waiting up to 15 minutes after my appointment time. Anything other than that is rude and uncalled for. If you have clients in your office you need to explain to them that you have another appointment waiting and you'll need to see them again to finish their session or you need to schedule your appointments further apart.

Secondly it's always hot in their waiting room. They don't have a fan or air conditioning or even blinds to block out the sun. They don't offer you water or hand fans or anything to make it more comfortable.

Finally, you have to park at meters and the first time I got a ticket because I was late 2 minutes.

Anyway I was completely annoyed and to make it worse she didn't even have a client in her office. I believe she was eating lunch. She said she was reviewing my file. Okay, so why not review my file WITH me? Oh and BTW the guy that I saw last time only had yesterday's clients waiting 3 minutes past their appointment time. Can you believe my luck?

That wasn't the worse part. The worse part was that I was completely disillusioned about my ability to purchase a home in the near future. The last guy said he could qualify me in a couple of months if I wanted to get a multi-unit building and rent out the other units. She said that I'm no where near being able to get qualified.

My DTI is 48% because of my car and they can't count my child support until they get a copy of the court order. So my income was reduced significantly because of that. She said my DTI needs to be below 40% based on my VERIFIABLE income. My VERIFIABLE income before taxes needs to be $6000 while I'm paying off my car and $5000 after. Finally, I need to save at least $7,000 to cover closing costs, taxes, insurance, etc.

My heart was broken because that seems impossible. I immediately began thinking about all the time I've wasted taking a class here and there without completing a degree. I can lower my DTI. I can save $7,000, but how in the world am I supposed to gross $5000 a month without a college degree or any formalized training?

I don't know what I'm going to do about that. In the mean time I'm going to work on the things that I can accomplish. Maybe in the process I'll finally figure out what I want to do, get my degree and get a job where I gross $5,000.

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