Saturday, April 26, 2008

Savings Savings Everywhere

I opened 2 new savings accounts today. I'm going to do what AMBELLAMY does and have a savings account for everything I want to save money for.

I went to and chose my top 3 banks. I tried to open an account with iGObanking, but they denied me. That's cool because they wanted too much information. I hate when banks ask about my job. Why?

So I ended up at ING Direct because everyone says how easy it is to open an account with them. I didn't want to use them because their interest rate is on the lower end, but I'm not saving this money to keep. I'm saving it to pay bills annually or in a lump sum. So anything I earn will be great. Plus it will probably take me a while to build the balances up and with low balances the interet isn't going to have that big of an impact. I also opened an account at OnBank.

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