Sunday, June 1, 2008

May Wrap-Up & June Goals

May Wrap-Up

I'm disappointed with May's progress. I received my Stimulus Rebate and yes I put mostly all of it in my savings account, but it was to replace money that I had previously spent. Therefore I didn't use it to boost my savings. I used it to bail myself out. I barely put any of my excess funds toward debt repayment. I can't say that Mother's Day or my eldest daughter's birthday were the reasons for my lack of progress. I spent a lot of money eating out in May. That's senseless because I had $44 left in my grocery budget. I'm seriously going to start sinking if I don't get my act together. So in June I'm going to try something different. I'm going to post my June Goals here and hopefully at the end of June I'll have accomplished them all.

June Goals
  1. Do not charge more than $100 on my credit card.
  2. Save at least $28 in my money games.
  3. Replace the $79.13 that I owe my Christmas Fund.
  4. Save at least $49.39 toward repaying my mom for my previous car.
  5. Save at least $6.87 in my ING account.
  6. Pay at least $150 extra on my car note.
  7. Don't go over budget on my youngest daughter's birthday.
  8. Lose 8 pounds!
  9. Take a lunch at least 2 days each week.

Wish me luck!


Heather said...

Good goals to have. How did you come up w/ $6.87 as an amount to put in your ING account. I love ING by the way. I do the automatic savings plan. It works out pretty good. When is your daughter's birthday? How old? I am looking into getting a laptop. I am anxious to start a blog. Not sure what is would be all about, but I think it could be fun. Hope you are doing good. Heather

Karazay said...

Hey Heather!

I came up with teh $6.87 because I only have $3.13 in the account and I want a nice round number. It'll be an account that I grow very slowly.

My daughter's bday was June 3rd. She turned 8.

I really wanted a laptop, until my job gave me one. Now I hardly use it. I hate the keyboards because it doesn't have a number pad on the side and I do a lot of numerical data entry.

You should start a blog. I think I'm the most boring person there is and I have this one. Look I even have a reader. :)